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Factory and Machinery

With three (3) plants and 93,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, Komaspec owns 100% of the advanced manufacturing facilities in the factory, enabling us to collaborate, design, manufacture, and assemble parts together.

Our factory features a dedicated and determined team, proprietary IT system, and latest generation machineries. These sophisticated systems  contribute to the high quality of complex finished products, the short lead time and our highly competitive prices.

Our experienced and multi cultural team create value and serve our customers. Determination, transparency and technical capabilities is in our DNA.

Find out more about our manufacturing process, visit our facilities, and learn how Komaspec can contribute to your company.

Our Machinery

Our two wholly-owned factories are fully equipped with modern, effective and quality-guaranteeing machines. We offer advanced and up-to-date manufacturing processes to provide the service you need.

We are committed to:

  • Manufacture to your specification and specific needs
  • Manufacture to the highest standard
  • Save your time and costs
  • Guarantee the quality of your products
  • Optimize your cost control strategy
  • Achieve full visibility and transparency for the entire working process

Our Machinery Park


• Spot Welding
• Miller TIG Welding – Syncrowave  200
• Miller MIG 354 MP Welding
• Lincoln MIG Welding
• Lincoln MIG Welding
• Panasonic Robot Welding TAW
• ABB Robot 1410
• Fronius Welding System TIG


• 160T Stamping
• 80T Stamping
• 63T Stamping
• 40T Stamping
• 25T Stamping
• 160T Stamping
• CNC Auto Winder


• Automatic Assembly Conveyor
• Automatic Assembly Plate Conveyor
• Fix Assembly Workstation
• Riveting Machine (PEM)
• Stud Welding Machine

Metal Fabrication

• 100T CNC Sheet Bending 4 Axis
• 100T CNC Sheet Bending 6 Axis
• Sheet Metal Drilling & Threading CNC
• Automatic Plate Deburring
• C02 Laser Cutting Machine 3KW
• Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 8KW 
• 80T CNC Sheet Bending 9 Axis
• 24T CNC Sheet Bending 5 Axis

Plastic Injection

• Plastic Injection 300T
• Plastic Injection 190T
• Plastic Injection 130T-PVC
• Ultrasonic Machine


• NC Tube Bending Machine 2 Axis
• CNC Tube Bending 2 Dies / 3 Axis
• CNC Tube OD Reducer
• Tube Cutting Machine

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