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Develop a manufacturing ecosystem to enable mass customisation using smart manufacturing for “high mix / medium volume” complex products made of pipe, sheet metal and plastic components.


  • System and IT as the backbone of our business
  • Complex and Multi-Sku’s fabrication and assembly
  • One-to-one customer-driven approach
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers, business partners and customers
  • Vertical integration in the supply chain
  • Digitized quality control


Komaspec is committed to ensuring workplace safety for our employees. The management makes constant efforts to ensure a safe and friendly working environment.

Suppliers & Business Partners

Komaspec believes in maintaining long-term relationships with our suppliers. Currently, our supply base has grown to more than 125 suppliers.

Komaspec prioritizes trust, reliability and high standards in our evaluation of suppliers’ value. Our technical commodity procurement team constantly seeks reliable Tier 3 and Tier 2 suppliers and we look forward to working with suppliers who share our values and vision.


Customers’ success is our success. At Komaspec, we seek to grow with our customers and add value to their operations. Every year, Komaspec brings to production more than 300 newly finished products that are manufactured from thousands of custom-made components.

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